RF Elements UD-TP-21 UltraDish TP 5GHz 21.2dBi - 2Pack


Product Code: UD-TP-21

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    RF Elements
    RF Elements

    RF Elements solve the issue of interference in wireless networks by our proprietary technology based on noise rejecting antennas, virtually lossless connector and systems scalability. We deliver technology for fast, sustainable wireless.

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    RF Elements UD-TP-21 UltraDish TP 5GHz 21.2dBi - 2Pack


    • Gain: 21.2 dBi

    • Frequency Range: 5180-6400 MHz

    • Antenna Connection: TwistPort - Quick Locking Waveguide Port

    • Environmental: IP65

    • Pole Mounting Diameter: 40-80mm (we recommend as close to 80mm as possible)

    RF Elements UltraDish™ TP 21 is designed for subscriber module applications. Minimized sidelobes, wide frequency bandwidth, and stable gain in both polarizations assure dependable performance. Antenna reflector is made of aluminium to ensure a low weight and uniform shape. Our proprietary TwistPort waveguide connector enables intuitive radio connection and replacement.

    Massive mount with improved grip and a wide range of applicable pole diameters makes the deployment easy and versatile. Stainless hardware comes with black coating to prevent from seizing at the installation.