RF Armor UACSBX Titanium Sector Kit 5 GHz


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    RF Armor UACSBX Titanium Sector Kit 5 GHz

    Compatible with the following Ubiquiti antennas:

    • AM-V5G-Ti

    The USKT5 from RF armor will reduce unwanted RF energy from the back, sides, top and bottom outside the desired beam width from reaching your antenna and radio, keeping the radio focused on desired coverage areas and signals.

    This kit will NOT increase the gain of the antenna, however it will lower the noise floor providing a cleaner signal for higher sustainable air rates.

    The aluminium enclosure protects the Rocket and it's jumpers from the debris, rodents and other elements.


    • Height: 29 inches
    • Width: 6 inches
    • Weight: 2 pounds

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