Tycon Power TP-MS4G-VHP 4 Port PoE Gigabit Midspan Injector

Brand: Tycon Power

Product Code: TP-MS4G-VHP

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Tycon Power TP-MS4G-VHP 4 Port PoE Gigabit Midspan Injector

The TP-MS4G-VHP mid span PoE power source is used for supplying PoE and data to multiple devices from a central location such as an operations room or equipment cabinet. The PoE device features a seperate data-in port coupled with a data out/PoE port. The PoE function is considered 4 Pair Passive PoE which is sometimes referred to as "High Poe". The units support Gigabit Ethernet and are backward compatible to 10/100MB.

The Midspan features Universal Voltage (UniVolt) PoE outputs where the PoE voltage equals the input voltage. All ports will have the same PoE voltage. PoE DC Voltage (20-60V) is supplied on pins 1,2 (V-), 3,6 (V+) and 4,5 (V+) and 7,8 (V-). The unit can accept + or - voltage on input however the design is a non isolated design. Maximum power output per port is 1.8A. The individual output are overcurrent, over/under voltage and short circuit protected. The midspan is DIN Rail mountable with the included DIN Rail brackets.

Product Features:

• Very High Power, Gigabit 4 Port Midspan PoE Injector

• Up to 1.8A per Individual Port

• Universal PoE Votlage 20VDC to 60VDC

• Powers Passive PoE Devices using 4 Pair Power

• DIN Rail Mountable - Includes DIN Rail Adapters

Product Applications:

• High PoE Wireless Access Points and Client Devices

• High PoE Security Camera Systems

• Power Network Devices from a Central Network Room

Product Specifications:

• Ethernet Standard: IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3u/IEEE802.3ab (10base-T/100base-T/1000base-T)

• PoE Standard: Passive PoE, 4 Pair Power, High PoE

• PoE Pinout: 1,2 (V-) 3,6 (V+) and 4,5 (V+) 7,8 (V-)

• Shielded RJ45 Ports: 4 data-in; 4 data/PoE out, Port shield is connected to FG (frame ground)

• Max Device Distance: 100m (328ft)

• Maximum Device Distance: 100m (328ft)

• Maximum PoE Power: Up to 1.8A per Port

• PoE Protection: Over Current, Over/Under Voltage, Short Circuit

• LED's:

   - Green: A valid power device is detected on this port. Active Current is >100mA

   - Red: No power device is detected on this port

   - Off: No input power, or input source in alarm condition

   - Alarm: Voltage is more than 65VDC, or less than 15VDC, or current is >2A

• DC Power Input: 20VDC to 60VDC, Unit can accept + or - VDC on input, non-isolated design, Fused at 10A

• Self Consumption: <1W

• Operating Temperature: -30 to 60°C (-40 to 140°F)

• Operating Humidity: Up to 90%, Non Condensing

• Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)

• Dimensions: 90 x 118 x 40mm (3.5 x 4.6 x 1.5")

• Weight: 0.45kg (1lbs)