Siklu EH-2500FX-ODU-H-EXT EtherHaul-2500FX ODU with ADAPTER,Tx High Power: POE&DC, 1G upgradable to 2G, ports:2xcopper+ 2xfiber, High Power

Brand: Siklu

Product Code: EH-2500FX-ODU-H-EXT

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Siklu EH-2500FX-ODU-H-EXT EtherHaul-2500FX ODU with ADAPTER

Siklu EtherHaul-2500FX E-Band ODU with ADAPTER Tx High, Capacity 1G upgradable to 2G Full Duplex with 2 x 1Gbps Ethernet and 2 x SFP High Power extended range radio.

The Siklu EH-2500F mmWave radio link delivers 2,000 Mbps full duplex point-to-point Ethernet over different channel bandwidth that will future-proof any high capacity network. With an FDD radio, and operation over the interference-free 71-76/81-86 GHz spectrum, the EH-2500F makes it easy for operators and service providers to add affordable, gigabit capacity, “deploy and forget” links to their networks in hours and not in months.

Designed with stringent carrier wireless backhaul demands in mind, the EtherHaul™ products are perfectly suitable for mobile backhaul, enterprise main and backup connectivity or any Ethernet based service provider networks.

The EH-2500F is the high-power 2 Gigabit evolution of the best-selling EtherHaul™ series. EtherHaul™ is the world’s top millimetre wave radio, with thousands of links deployed and performing reliably in varying weather conditions all over the globe.

Typical applications include: Mobile backhaul, Business service delivery, Public Wi-Fi backhauling, GTTH transport, Disaster recovery, Campus connectivity, building to building interconnections and Smart-cities networks.


  • Up to 2 Gbps Full Duplex Ethernet capacity with additional license (total of 4 Gbps up- and down-stream)
  • Enhanced hitless Adaptive Bandwidth, Coding & Modulation capabilities for fibre-like availability
  • Small-size, low power consumption and high radio transmit power for extended reach
  • Integrated 4-ports Gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Carrier-grade networking capabilities
  • Point-to-point, daisy-chain, ring and mesh configurations
  • Extended range up to 7km


Product Code

EH-2500FX-ODU-H-EXT extended range




71-76 / 81-86 GHz



Modulation Schemes


Antenna options

0.5ft (16cm) 38dBi antenna gain, 1ft (31cm) 43dBi antenna gain, 2ft (65cm) 50dBi antenna gain

System throughput

Up to 2000Mbps full-duplex

Traffic Interfaces

4 x GE ports: 2 x RJ-45 (Copper) + 2 x SFP (Fiber)

MEF, Carrier Ethernet & OAM

MEF 9, 14 and 21 compliant, VLAN & VLAN stacking (QinQ- IEEE 802.1ad Provider Bridge), IEEE 802.1d Transparent Bridging, MAC learning, Link state propagation, Jumbo frames, advanced QoS &Traffic management: 802.1p, DSCP, MPLS EXP, Scheduling , Shaping, Policing, Eth OAM (IEEE802.1ag / Y.1731 / IEEE802.3ah)


1588 TC, Synchronous Ethernet ITU-T G.8261/8262/8264


Out-of-band , In-band management, Embedded WEB GUI, SNMPv2/3, Zero-touch turn-up, TACACS+, RADIUS, Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), IPERF build in tester


Ring, daisy-chain and mesh, G.8032 ERPS delivering sub 50msec ring protection


Radio: USA FCC Part 15.101 & ETSI EN 302 217; EMC: USA, FCC 47CFR.part 15 & ETSI EN 301 489; Safety UL/EN 60950

Operating Temperature

-45° ÷ +55°C (-49° ÷ +131°F)

Ingress Protection Rating


Radio modes

Adaptive modulation (default), Static modulation, Alignment mode

Input Power options specifications

voltage: 37-57VDC (flexible grounding), PoE++ (IEEE 802.3at) or direct DC: 45W without PoE-Out; 60W with PoE Out, Power input redundancy (PoE and DC input)

Power Output

PoE- 13W (IEEE 802.3af)

Dimensions (H x W x D)

ODU: 24.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 7 cm, ODU + 1ft Antenna (Dia. x Depth): -31 cm x 13 cm


ODU + antenna (1ft): 4 kg