MetaGeek DEVFINDER-24 Device Finder Accessory for Wi-Spy

Brand: Metageek

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MetaGeek DEVFINDER-24 Device Finder Accessory for Wi-Spy

Track down offending signals using Device Finder

The Metageek Device Finder is a 2.4 GHz Directional Antenna that acts as an “RF flashlight” for Metageek Wi-Spy. Discovering a transmitting device is as easy as selecting a frequency range in Chanalyzer and following a line. The higher the line goes, the closer you are to finding the source of interference.

The standard antennas found in most wireless devices are omni-directional, so they receive signals from all directions. This can be useful, but when you need to find out where interference is coming from, a directional antenna can pinpoint your mystery device.

The Metageek Device Finder 2.4 GHz Directional Antenna is just what it sounds like — attach it to the Wi-Spy and point it in any given direction to quickly track down troublesome interferers.