Cambium Networks C050900B071A ePMP Force 180 5Ghz Bridge-in-a-Box

Brand: Cambium Networks Ltd

Product Code: C050900B071A

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Cambium Networks C050900B071A ePMP Force 180 5Ghz Bridge-in-a-Box


What is Bridge-in-a-Box?

Thousands of small businesses and residential users are using Bridge-in-a-Box to wirelessly extend their networks by simply connecting point A to point B. Each Bridge-in-a-Box comes with two wireless radio modules and power supplies that can be used to extend your network from wherever you have an Ethernet port to wherever you need one from 20 metres to 8 kilometres away. The modules are extremely easy to deploy as they come pre-configured and pre-paired to connect.

For those places you couldn’t connect before, Bridge-in-a-Box will get you there today.

How are people using Bridge-in-a-Box?

  • Extending Internet Connectivity

  • Connecting Remote Wi-Fi hotspots

  • Remote camera or CCTV video feeds

What are people connecting with Bridge-in-a-Box?

  • Machine Shops / Garages / Storage Sheds / Docks / Boat Ramps

  • Any remote or outlying buildings

  • Remote parking lots

  • Campus Buildings

  • Building to Building

  • Cabins and Lodges

  • Construction Sites

  • Temporary Events such as Concerts, Farmers Markets, etc.

  • Athletic Fields and Events