Cambium Networks C030045A101A 3 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree

Brand: Cambium Networks Ltd

Product Code: C030045A101A

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Cambium Networks C030045A101A 3 GHz PMP 450m Integrated Access Point, 90 Degree

The Cambium Networks 3 GHz  PMP 450m offers up to  3 times more throughput (similar to the results of the 5 GHz 450m) vs an existing 450 or 450i sector.

With the ability to perform simultaneous downlink and uplink MU-MIMO, this is the most advanced product Cambium Networks has offered to date.

• cnMedusa™technology enhances sector capacity by

combining a smart beam-forming antenna array with

multiple RF transmit and receive chains, effectively

multiplying available capacity by more than three times.

•The 3 GHz  PMP 450m is capable of throughput of 450 Mbps in a 20 MHz

channel, and over 800 Mbps per sector when using

a 40 MHz channel.

• Dramatically reduce the effect of interference in both

Uplink and Downlink with smart beam-forming

• SFP port allows for greater deployment flexibility, and

AUX port allows for connection of camera or other PoE


• Multi-User MIMO uses available spectrum more

efficiently by making simultaneous transmissions to

multiple subscribers, increasing spectral efficiency to

more than 50 bps/Hz per site.

• Protects your investment in the 450 platform equipment

by continuing to utilise existing Subscriber Modules

(450 and 450i platform subscribers work with the 450m

and cnMedusa technology)

• The Limited Version can reduce capital investment until

additional capacity is actually required. A 30-day trial of

MU-MIMO operation is included, and a simple license

key can permanently enable MU-MIMO operation when