Ubiquiti ER-12P Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 12-Port POE

This product is no longer available.

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Ubiquiti ER-12P Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 12-Port POE

The EdgeRouter 12 is a high-performance Gigabit Router with PoE flexibility. With increased performance over the previous generation of routers, the EdgeRouter 12 delivers up to 3.4 million pps for 64-byte packets. Ten Gigabit Ethernet ports offer copper connectivity, while two SFP ports offer fiber connectivity. The EdgeRouter 12 supports Layer-2 switching and scalable configuration using EdgeOS or the Ubiquiti Network Management System (UNMS).

  • Manage Your Networks from a Single Control Plane

  • Intuitive and Robust Configuration, Control and Monitoring

  • Remote Firmware Upgrade

  • Automatic Client Shaping

  • Customer Billing

Compatible with EdgeMAX Universal Rack-mount Kit - Sold separately

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