Siklu EH-8010FX-ODUH-N-2C1P-EX-D EtherHaul-8010FX ODU with ANT. port, TX High; Power: DC/PoE; Capacity up to 10Gbps; ports: 1x dual-media RJ-45/SFP+ (1x RJ-45 for management/traffic).

Product Code: EH-8010FX-ODUH-N-2C1P-EX-D

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    Siklu brought to the market affordable gigabit capacity for a variety of applications. Our technology brings scalability, multi-gigabit capacity and reliability to the world of wireless networks, and we are dedicated to delivering great value through fast-and-easy-to-deploy solutions that deliver flawless, predictable performance.

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    Siklu EH-8010FX-ODUH-2C1P-EX-D EtherHaul-8010FX ODU with ANT. port

    Siklu EtherHaul-8010FX E-Band 80GHz FDD ODU with Adapter for External Antenna, Tx High transmits at 81-86GHz and has 10Gbps capacity, 2 ports: 1x Dual-media RJ-45/SFP+ and 1x RJ45 for management only.

    The Siklu EH-8010FX mmWave radio delivers 10Gbps Full Duplex TCP throughput over 70/80GHz for high capacity networks in Metro, Aggregation and Trunking applications.

    The Siklu Kilo Series products are the most widely deployed 70/80GHz radios in the world. This is due to the fact that Siklu was the first to offer these advanced radio products to the market, as well as leading the performance in delivering multi Gbps connections over large distances. These products are typically deployed on rooftops or towers, and with support for external antennas the customer can deploy 0.5’ to 2’ antennas depending on the range required.


    Small form factor, all-outdoor IP67 rated system

    Up to 10Gbps full duplex TCP throughput over ranges as far as 4.3 miles (6.9km)

    Field proven advanced all-silicon integration yields a high 90-yr MTBF

    Real time connectivity with <10usec latency supports the most demanding delay sensitive applications

    Optional integrated timing over packet 1588v2 and SyncE with SSM schemes facilitate reliable, accurate mobile backhaul synchronisation

    Prioritised payloads using hitless adaptive modulation synced with 8 levels of QoS.

    Interference-free operation in the 70/80GHz band with TDD or FDD support

    Up to 10GHz of available spectrum in the 70/80GHz bands, pencil width beams with tiny Fresnel zone and up to 32 non-overlapping, user-selectable channels yield the industry’s highest spectrum re-use factor


    Product Code


    Frequency / Duplexing

    71-76GHz / 81-86GHz, FDD

    Channel Bandwidth, Modulation & Adaptive Rate

    2,000MHz, Up to 9 levels of hitless adaptive bandwidth, coding and modulation - boost gain by over 25dB


    10,000Mbps full duplex

    Tx Power

    BPSK: +18dBm, QAM128: +14dBm

    Receive Signal Level (RSL)

    RSL @ BPSK = -75dBm, RSL @ QAM128 = -50dBm


    1.7/2.3 mile @ 99.95% availability (rain zone K/E, 2ft ANT.)


    1 combo 10GE port: 802.3bz (RJ-45, CAT6a or better) or SFP+ (MMF or SMF), 1GE port: 802.3ab (RJ-45, CAT5 or better)

    Power Supply

    PoE+ or 36÷57VDC; 50W

    Management & Provisioning

    In / Out-of-band management, Web GUI or CLI, SNMPv2/3, TACACS+, RADIUS, Zero-touch turn-up

    Traffic Management

    Transparent Bridge, VLAN encapsulation


    Radio: USA FCC Part 15.101 & ETSI EN 302 217; EMC: USA FCC 47CFR.part 15 & ETSI EN 301 489; Safety UL/EN 60950


    Operating Temperature: -45° to +55°C (-49° to +131°F), Ingress Protection Rating: IP67


    ODU + 0.5ft antenna: 9.17” x 8.11” x 5.55” (23.3cm x 20.6cm x 14.1cm), ODU + 1ft antenna (Dia. x Depth): 12.6” x 4.3” (32cm x 13cm), ODU + 2ft antenna (Dia. x Depth): 25.6” x 15.35” (65cm x 37cm)


    ODU + 0.5ft antenna: 9.2lbs. (4.1kg), ODU + 1ft. antenna: 9.9lbs. (4.4kg), ODU + 2ft. antenna: 24.3lbs (10.9kg)

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